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Waterlily Wednesday: Meet Mallory

Hello everyone and Happy Waterlily Wednesday! We'd love to introduce you to Mallory, our e-commerce/ social media aficionado! We have her to thank for our beautifully designed website, killer photography & awesome graphic designs. She's the type of girl who has a vision and makes it happen. Mallory is a recent graduate of FIT, a true city girl at heart. She has an incredible month planned for this February- traveling across the world to New Zealand for two weeks! 

Get to know a little more behind this creative mind-


Q:  Can you tell us about your current position / a typical day for you?

A: Everyday at Waterlily is different for me. Generally, I spend a lot of time photographing and editing product to add to the site. However, my favorite responsibilities come when we are flipping the site seasonally. I get to decide which categories we are going to feature on our homepage, design the links for those categories and then fill them with product. Be sure to check out our spring homepage coming next week!


Q: How did you get into graphic design / photography?

A: Both graphic design and photography are relatively new interests to me. I took a few courses at school where I was able to work with design software and was amazed at all you can do with the programs. From there I started building a portfolio by initiating my own projects which helped me land an internship as an Art Director at Advertising Agency CDM NY last summer. I had so much fun during this internship and knew this was the direction I wanted to take my career in. 


Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: I look for inspiration everywhere I go. Two of my favorite magazines to get inspired by are Communication Arts and Darling. CA showcases the top advertising, photography, typography, graphic design and illustration releases of the year so this is definitely one I browse through often. Darling is a great magazine to pick up for layout and content inspiration. You can pick up a copy at the Market on 5th in Asbury Park so definitely check it out! I also browse Pinterest and websites of brands we sell at Waterlily to check out how they are designing their homepages.


Q: Do you have advice for a young girl trying to get into graphic design?

A: Start working on your portfolio as soon as you can. Whether that means adding a birthday card you designed for a friend, or a page you designed on in the high school yearbook. Once you gain experience through internships, college coursework, or freelance jobs you can start replacing old work with new and better pieces. 


Q: You’re off to New Zealand, what are you plans??

A: Ah yes! I leave a week from tomorrow I can't believe it. I am going with my boyfriend, Colin, and his parents for a few weeks to their home in Napier on the North Island. We don't have any set plans really, Colin has some family over there so we will get the scoop from the locals when we land. It is summertime over there right now so I will definitely be spending a lot of time on the beach.


Q: You’re out for Sunday Brunch- what do you order?

A: Hm... I'd either choose Nutella French Toast or Eggs Benedict depending if I was in a sweet or salty mood. 


Q:  If you were a song, what would you be?

A: Rhiannon by Fleetwood. Stevie is my spirit animal.


Q: How do you spend most of your free time?

A: During the winter I try to go up to NYC as much as possible. I love exploring the city, going to museums, and hanging with my friends. I also love Asbury Park. The food, nightlife and shopping is amazing, I am so excited for the future of the town. During the summer I spend most of my free time on the beach or hanging at my pool.


Q: Do you have a favorite book at the moment?

A: To be honest I haven't really read a book in awhile, I have been reading a lot of magazines lately. I just bought Naked Lunch and Running With Scissors which I am looking forward to reading on my trip.


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