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I survived!...traveling with a toddler

Every year my husband, Nick, and I say, “We don’t need to go away this year.  We should really be responsible and save money.”  And then the bitter cold kicks in and it seems to snow every other day and all of that “smart” thinking goes out the window.  We book a trip to Florida and we are outta here!  And then it sinks in…we have to bring our rambunctious, very active, very loud 17 month old on an airplane!  The vision of Liam running up and down the center aisle screaming comes to mind.  Ok, so that’s a bit dramatic but I was definitely worried about the dreaded meltdown and being those people on the plane.  I tell myself it's only a three hour flight.  We can do this.  I immediately started googling “tips for traveling with a toddler” and loaded up the IPad with tons of kid friendly apps.  I hit up the dollar store for travel friendly activities like books and stickers.  Packed snacks, snacks and more snacks and hope that he sleeps.  That was my strategy.  And we made it through!  One minor meltdown on the way there but for the most part Liam was great!  Of course it’s hectic and exhausting but we survived.  And the warm weather and sunny skies were our reward.  Who knows where we will go next year…wishful thinking!

Here's some pics from our adventures...

Liam loved the moving sidewalk in the airport.  And it was a great way to burn up some energy before boarding!

Loved checking out the airplanes.  Yes, the sun had not fully risen yet.


Staying hydrated.  So good at sharing;)

My boys:)


We made it!  

Vacation family selfie:)


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