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One meal, 3 ways!

Last weekend I was up in Windham, NY for a ski/snowboard trip with some friends.  My one friend helped me cook some veggie chili so when the others got home from the mountain, they would have something hot to eat for dinner.  She let me know when we were chopping the veggies, that she always turns the chili into other meals for the week so they aren't just eating chili day after day after day!  I've always been envious of people that are able to meal plan well, and turn over meals so they really only have to cook once, but have plenty of meals for the week.  The chili turned out so delicious that I was excited to see what plans she had for it afterwards.  One meal was more delicious than the next, and the best part?  You can have each meal for breakfast, lunch, OR dinner!  Ok...enough babbling, I'll get to the recipes!  

Veggie Chili

6-8 bell peppers (any colors) roughly chopped

2 medium onions (we used yellow) roughly chopped

2 sweet potatoes cubed

2-3 cans of beans, your choice (we used one can of kidney, one can of pinto)

2 large cans (i think 32oz) of whole peeled tomatoes 

cooking oil (i use coconut, but olive oil is just as good)

maple syrup

cayenne pepper

salt and pepper

shredded cheese (optional)

sour cream (optional)

crusty french bread (optional)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  

Drizzle about a tablespoon of maple syrup over the sweet potatoes, toss with a little salt and pepper and roast until fork tender.  Remove from oven and set aside.

While the potatoes are cooking, sautée the peppers and onions until softened in about a tablespoon or two of oil...if your pan isn't big enough, you may have to do this in batches.  Depending on how spicy you like it, sprinkle the peppers and onions with cayenne pepper.  We used about a teaspoon and it was PLENTY spicy, so use less if you like it more on the mild side!  

In a slow cooker (or if you are short on time, an enamel or cast iron pot will work just fine!)  add the peppers and onions, sweet potatoes, tomatoes (smash them up a little), and beans, and cook on low for 4-6 hours.  If you are using a regular pot, cook through until hot, and let simmer for 20 minutes or more (stirring frequently so it doesn't burn!) for all of the flavors to develop.  

Serve hot with a  dollop of sour cream and some shredded cheese on top!!  Dip some bread in the chili and you are all set!

Veggie Enchiladas

veggie chili leftovers


1 cup uncooked brown rice

enchilada sauce (about 24 oz)

coconut oil (or butter to grease the dish)

shredded cheese (optional)

sour cream (optional) 

avocado (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Grease the inside of a 9x13 glass baking dish with the coconut oil.  Warm up the tortillas, i like to do this in the oven but they will puff up so you have to poke them with a fork to let the air out.   Be careful if you use the oven method, as you don't want the tortillas to get crunchy, you just want them warm enough that they are easy to work with!

Prepare the rice according to directions on package.

Mix the leftover veggie chili with the rice and half of the enchilada sauce.

Spoon the mixture into tortillas, one at a time.  Roll the mixture in the tortilla and place seam side down into the baking dish.  Continue until you are out of room in the dish or out of filling!

Drizzle remaining enchilada sauce over the enchiladas and sprinkle with shredded cheese.  Cover with foil and heat in oven until filling is hot.  This should only take a few minutes if the filling is warm when you start...a little longer if you are grabbing the filling out of the refrigerator.  

Serve hot with a dollop of sour cream and a slice of avocado.  

We made these breakfast enchiladas by serving them with a sunny side up egg on top!!


This is one of my favorite breakfasts...but you can really have it for any meal!  It's typically a tomato sauce with peppers and onions, and some spices, but we worked with what we had!

1 large can of whole peeled tomatoes

leftover veggie chili

1-2 cloves of fresh garlic, minced

1/2 tsp paprika

4-5 eggs (depends on the size of your pan!)

avocado (optional) 

crusty french bread (optional)

In a good size skillet (I prefer cast iron, as it's not as likely to burn on the bottom), mix together the leftover veggie chili with the can of tomatoes (again, smash them up a little bit!) and the garlic.  Sprinkle with paprika and stir together.  When the mixture has started to simmer a little bit, carefully crack the eggs on top!  I like to crack them one at a time around the edge of the pan and then one in the center!  Cover the pan with a lid, and cook the eggs to your liking! The timing of this may take a little practice, but honestly, I have had the eggs runny and I have had the eggs well done...both ways are delicious!!

Carefully scoop the egg out with a healthy serving of the sauce, add a slice of avocado if you want (I like avocado on everything!) and soak it all up with some bread!!


I hope you enjoy these recipes on this cold and windy day!!







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