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Behind The Brand: Lovers + Friends

Spring wear is trickling into our stores and we have been getting tons of goodies from one of my personal favorite lines, Lovers + Friends. I honestly couldn't be more in love with this year's Spring collection. It features lots of creams and pale pinks as well as stunning scarf prints and embroidery.

Lovers + Friends has such a cool story behind how the company started. 

Before the creation of L+F, Los Angeles natives, Raissa Gerona and Mitch Moseley, had their own individual clothing lines. Unfortunately, the peak of the recession hit, and both designers could not afford to continue their lines. The two joined forces and created Lovers + Friends among a few other labels (I’m sure you’re familiar with Tularosa *heart eyes*)!! The name for the brand popped into Raissa's head, when the astrological Cancer was reading her horoscope and it warned her to "watch out for friends + lovers", to which Raissa took quite a liking. She thought that 'Lovers + Friends' sounded more catchy and voila!

When they first started out, they had an Instagram following of 1.5k. Raissa attended a Phillip Lim party and got to chatting with social media phenomenon, Sincerely Jules. Jules fell in love with the clothes and told Raissa that she would love to wear her pieces and help her out! Now Lovers + Friends has a following north of 224k! 

Here are some L+F styles we have in store-

The Blue Moon Skirt (Shop Here) paired with the Free People Cross Cable Sweater
The Carmella Romper (Shop Here) with Cai Wedge (Shop Here)
The Isabelle Romper
The Malia Romper
The Nicki Romper paired with Dolce Vita Jasmyn sandals
Thank you Katy Did for the stunning flowers!!
Be sure to stop by their site-


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