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Take a Moment


Do you ever wonder how much time you actually spend on your phone or tablet per day?  I always feel like I have no time, but when I think of what I actually do with my day, I realize that if I had put my phone down, I would have been a lot more productive.  Whether it's to check my email or to look at my Instagram feed for the millionth time, I am constantly picking up my phone.  I rarely wonder what I've done with my phone, or where my phone must be, because 9 times out of 10 (let's be honest, probably 10 times out of 10) it's in my back pocket, or on the table next to me.  I am constantly giving my husband a hard time about being on his phone/Ipad too much, but I'm just as guilty.  Besides the fact that I really have no idea the harm my phone could be doing (I feel like my brain cells are diminishing!) they are such a time suck!  Well, I stumbled across this article (click here to read) and found out there is a way to see how much of a time suck they really are. 


Moment is an app created by Kevin Holesh that you can download on your phone or tablet to see how much time you actually spend per day on your device.  You are able to set time limits for yourself and Moment lets you know when you go over said limits.  You can set it up for your whole family so you can keep track of everyone's usage.  I downloaded the app this morning, and I can tell you that it's already made me aware of how often I go to grab my phone, and I give it a second thought because I don't want my usage to increase.  Hopefully having Moment will keep me second guessing about whether or not I really need to go on my phone!

What do you think?  Are you brave enough to download Moment on your phone?  

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