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Here, there, and everywhere...

Did you guys notice the new blog title, Bashfully Beautiful?  What do you think?



Each year my cousins and I do a Secret Santa.  The trouble is, we live in different states, so drawing names can be a bit tricky!  Enter, Elfster.   Have you guys heard of it??  It's a free website where you add the names of everyone participating, and it will send you an email with who your pick is!  You can anonymously ask questions to the person you chose, and you can create a wishlist on the site so your Secret Santa has some ideas of what to get you!  It really has been super helpful since we all aren't always together at every holiday.  Have any of you used Elfster?

I'm trying to put together a little Christmas morning brunch for my friends that aren't traveling out of town, but don't have anything to do until they meet up with their families later in the day.  I have a menu somewhat planned, but am going to add this because it looks delicious!!  I found it on Smitten Kitchen, she always puts together the best recipes.

I found some great stocking stuffers from this website called Native Union.  I love the phone charger that won't fall off of your nightstand, the mini speakers (you can hook up to 10 of them together!), and how funny is this handset for your smartphone? 

I was up at Trader Joe's recently, and am loving these cold pressed juices they have!

I've been eyeing up these earrings for while now, so I think I'm going to add them to my Elfster wishlist!

I think I'll leave you with this clip of Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones parodying pop songs with holiday lyrics;-)


Have a great weekend!!



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