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I am VERY disorganized...  I am always envious of those people keeping lists, marking up their calendars with appointments and don't even get me started on sorting through my mail.  Anyone that lives with me or works with me has experienced the whirlwind that is Abbey.  I start projects only to leave them midway, frozen on the floor because a.) I'm not quite done or b.) I have an even better idea that I just HAVE to start immediately.  

This ridiculous inability to focus can seem maddening when I get sucked into the world of blogs. I find so many fun projects and ideas, but it can be very overwhelming to keep track of everything - especially when life gets in the way and I can't visit my favorite blogs or the regular.  

Enter bloglovin'!  Bloglovin' is a super easy way to follow your favorite blogs and find new ones.  You have to check it out!

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abbey holloway
abbey holloway


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