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Happy Halloween!!!

Even though Halloween is on a Friday this year, I don't really have plans to do much other than hand out candy and visit with my nieces and nephews to see them in their costumes.  I haven't dressed up in costume myself probably since college, but that doesn't stop me from searching for fun ideas online!  Maybe one of these days I'll get my act together and dress up, but until then, I'm just going to bookmark some of my favorites that I've found and save them for next year ;-)

Here is an easy costume for couples I just stumbled upon...

Princess Bride Halloween Costume

Princess Buttercup and Westley from The Princess Bride

idea and image from A Beautiful Mess

And this site has a bunch of great costume ideas!

What about you guys, are you dressing up this year? If you are, what are you going as?

Happy Halloween!!!!

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