2016: Fresh Start

Whether you are a believer of creating goals after the post-party apocalypse on 01/01, or you find the whole "new year, new me" concept a stretch, there's always time to work on improving yourself. Personally, I enjoy the idea of a fresh start with each new year. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that I am going to change over night. But, I do find this to be a good time to reflect on the past year and work on moving forward and making positive changes. Keep in mind, we can do this at any point in our lives. So if you decide you want to make a change on any given Tuesday, by all means- go for it! I've read other blogs that have inspired me to create a short list of my own. Maybe this will ignite a spark of inspiration for you too!

1. Word of the year. I saw a quote from (this) blog say that rather than making resolutions, they choose a word for the year. I like this concept because it goes hand in hand with the law of attraction: if you believe it, dream it, think of it enough, you will inevitably obtain what you are after. My word? Positivity.

2. Dive into hobbies. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our everyday rituals that we forget to take time for ourselves. The first few interests that came to my mind are the ones I have decided  to focus on first: drawing, photography, yoga and graphic design. Once I add these hobbies into my ritual, I'll be happy to add more to my list. Hobbies are what make you, you! Find yours!

3. Prepare for the next day. This always slips my mind. Night time rolls around and i'm snug as a bug in a rug and remember that I should prepare lunch for tomorrow or pick out my outfit. And then I tell myself "I'll just wake up early". And then what do ya know, I slept in and am scurrying in the morning. 

I really like this list. It's not overwhelming. It actually seems like it will be enjoyable to do! 
What are your New Year's Goals? I'd love to get inspired!  
x Courtney

Show 2016 Your Best

Whether you plan on ringing in the New Year prancing around the city in fur and sparkles or in a cozy house surrounded by good friends, be sure to show 2016 your best style. Dazzling in head to toe sparkles is always fun. But, don't feel the need to step out of your comfort zone if you're not into all of the glitz. Here are just some of the goodies we have in store, for both the sparkle lover and bohemian beauty. 

Our Free People Verushka dress is absolutely stunning in this muted lilac lace. It is super girly and will look extra cute twirling on the dance floor. 

Sparkle in gold in the Time To Shine Free people shorts. We love them paired with this Cooper and Ella Cameron Blouse. Shop them here!
The Free People Jasmine Dress is a New Years Eve winner. The fit and flare shape is extremely flattering. Throw a moto jacket over to add edge to the look, like this Sol Angeles Roma Biker Jacket. 
This look combines bohemian with sparkle. The Show Me Your Mumu Bella Rosa Bam Bam Bells are fitted with a serious flare at the bottom- they are incredible. We topped off the outfit with the Splendid Sparkle Scoopneck Sweater, it really catches the light!
Waterlily wishes you your best year yet!
Happy New Years!
x Courtney


Waterlily Wonderland

It's such a beautiful sight to see- a myriad of wrapped gifts under the glowing tree, each package oozing the personality of the giver. I love the idea of giving a present to someone special that embodies their personal style, wrapped in something that expresses my own personal style. Such a cool concept! At Waterlily, we happily offer complementary wrapping for a Waterlily Wonderland under the tree for her!

P.S. How adorable is this Em Mini Dress by Show Me Your Mumu in the Bohemian Bouquet print?

Shop the dress here

Happy Wrapping!

x Courtney

A Very Free People Party

We recently unpacked tons of big boxes full of Free People goodies! As we pulled each item out of the box we couldn't help but ooh and aah over everything.
These are a few of my favorite things
The Rosey Cuff Thermal is the perfect layering piece. The adorable embroidered cuffs add such character + personality to an otherwise simple outfit.
How stunning is the print and color of the Changing Times Tunic? It is extremely soft and accented with adorable ruffled sleeves. Shop it here!
I am loving the look of crochet and lace. It's always so girly and romantic. The Eternal Delight Sweater has quickly become my favorite sweater we have in the store.
Oversized + plaid, yes please! The Baby Blues Tunic is so adorable- I can imagine this looking awesome with tights and your favorite black boots! 
Channel the 60's in this suede Piece Out Skirt. I am fully embracing the lace up trend right now, so I love the way the Lace Up Lyring top pairs with the skirt. Shop the skirt here
This suedette mini proves to be versatile. Switch it up by throwing on the the Little White Lies sweater vest. Shop the vest here
You can't go wrong with the classic Leader Of The Pack striped shirt and Fitted Denim Jacket. 
The Ventura Thermal is a definite must have. It's long enough that you can wear it with leggings for comfort, but cute enough that you can layer, mix and match. Play around with the beautiful colors available.
x Courtney

Hostess Gifts

You have been invited to a holiday party. Awesome! But wait... You can't show up empty handed... You've been known to burn everything you bake... You can't sew... And you don't want to bring something that will end up collecting dust. What are you going to bring?! Don't worry, Waterlily is going to make the gift of giving a little less stressful and a lot more fun- the way it should be!  

Let's get giving! 









Add a little something extra to your gift from the local shops in Spring Lake and Manasquan. 
We can't get enough of Jean Louise Homemade Candies in Spring Lake. Their chocolate is to die for and will surely be the hit of the party!
1205 3rd Ave., Spring Lake, NJ
Definitely stop by Sailor Trading Company, you'll be sure to score some really cool trinkets. Its new location is down the beaten path, but worth the stop:
204 E Main St., Manasquan, NJ
Flannel + Lace across the street from us in Manasquan is also a great place to hit to find really cute PJs to gift! 
121 Main St., Manasquan, NJ
Happy Season of Giving!
x Courtney

Falling for Fringe

I am a believer that your purse mirrors your personality.  We recently got an awesome shipment of super cute bags by Street Level. These bags will work for all different types of personalities and styles; bohemian beauty, rocker glam or city chic.
Here are just a few of the styles we have in store

Bohemian Dream
Fit all of your essentials in the taupe hobo bag. The super soft fringe detail is just an added bonus. 



Rock + Roll Glam

Paint the town with this little bag on your shoulder. This black crossbody packs a lot of punch. Accented with a gold concho for a midwestern vintage feel. 

City Chic

The laser cut detail on this oversized tote is not the only reason why we love this bag so much! Style meets practicality, reverse for a solid navy blue leather exterior. Big enough to fit everything a city girl would need. 

 Which bag would work best for you? Let us know, we'd love to hear!

Music Inspo: Natalie Bergman of Wild Belle

If you haven't heard the majestic music by Wild Belle, I seriously suggest you get in your car, put on their album Isles, and drive. Wild Belle is made up of two musically blessed siblings, Elliot and Natalie Bergman. They make soulful rock indie music with a reggae twist. It's amazing. On top of it, Natalie totally kills it when it comes to style.

This Chicago native has a serious flare for fashion. Bergman is the type of girl who scores at flea markets and makes it look effortlessly cool. She incorporates some really awesome vintage pieces into her outfits. A magical voice and sweet style... Can I be her?

Photos taken from Natalie Bergman's Instagram: @nataliebergman

Our Favorite Songs By Wild Belle
1. It's Too Late
2. Take Me Away
3. Love Like This
4. Keep You
5. June


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 x Courtney

Five Fall Essentials

Crunchy leaves. Bonfires. Warm colors. Suede. Oversized blankets. Autumn is such a magical time of year. As the crisp cold air creeps in, my skin tends to get pretty dry and I am one of those people that are constantly cold. Therefore, it's time to whip out the Five Fall Essentials. 

1. Sweaters, sweaters, sweaters- This is probably a given. But sweaters are the ultimate Autumn go-to. And because of this, we tend to wear them until they are ragged and shabby. So treat yourself to a practical every day sweater when Fall comes around. It's justified- you'll live in it for 5 months straight! My favorite is this Fairisle Free People oversized sweater. Here are a few of my other favs we have in store now. Manon Sweater , Intarsia Drape Cardi , Pablo Sweater

2. Lafco Candle in Ski House- HOLY MOLY, this candle smells insane!! It's like a dreamy Vermont getaway in a log cabin, cozied up next to a fire. If you are into warm scents, I couldn't recommend this one enough. The notes: sandalwood, leather and spruce. Fill your home with this scent here

3. Booties- Whenever I am not feeling my outfit, whether it be a casual dress or jeans and a tee, I throw on my booties and instantly love the look. They add such style and personality to your outfit. You can have fun with a printed pair like these Matisse Nugent leopard booties or rock something like these incredible Howsty Tahira embroidered booties.I am so in love with the Howsty booties because they have such a cool story behind them. The Spanish brand's hallmark is the Kilim fabric. Kilim is a handmade tapestry, so no two booties will be the same. How cool!?

4. Leather Jacket- I personally like mine without all of the bells and whistles. I get so much use out of my leather jackets each season. And they last forever! I LOVE the fit of this jacket by Velvet. 


5. Mac Strobe Cream- This moisturizer is magic in a bottle. When cold air strikes, my skin loses the bright glow that I lust after. I put heaps of this on whether I'm wearing makeup that day or not. My skin literally transforms as soon as the cream touches my face. It's packed with vitamins and green tea, to which I owe the instant brightening effect. This product is seriously next level. Get a bottle here!


What are your Fall Essentials? We'd love to hear! Let us know in the comments.

x Courtney

Practically Boho - our favorite styles this week!

We are feeling the laid back, bohemian vibe this week.  With new deliveries from Jen's Pirate Booty, Tularosa, Sol Angeles & Gypsy 05 - these are some of our favorite picks.  Everything is super cute and super wearable. 

Clockwise:  1.  Jen's Pirate Booty Fiesta Janis Crop  2.  Sol Angeles Tiny Dancer Tee  3.  Hudson's Taylor Flare Jeans  4.  Acacia's Florence One Piece  5.  Dolce Vita's Allura Sandals  6.  Citizen of Humanity Ava Shorts in Echo wash  

May 19, 2015


Living for Vacation! Our family trip to Barbados.

Some people live for the weekend, my family lives for vacation. And after the winter we endured in New Jersey we were more than ready to get away.  

We traveled to Barbados for the first time this past April.  And we fell in LOVE!  There is just something about the island and it's people.  It's wonderful mix of British roots and island living that gives Barbados a friendly, laid back vibe. 

We rented a house on the South Coast across from Freight's Bay.  Freight's Bay is a great beginner/ longboarder surf break, with amazing views of the South Coast.

 One of our favorite beaches was within walking distance.   Miami Beach (also known as Enterprise Beach) is a nice sandy beach with public bathrooms, lots of shade and a food truck with sodas and beers to boot.  

Another one of our favorite beaches was at Carlton Bay also known as Pebbles Beach.  This beautiful bay is home to amazing snorkeling and tons of turtles.  It also had the perfect knee high waves for our kids to surf.  So we spent the majority of our vacation in waste deep, crystal clear water pushing our little guys into endless pint sized waves.  It couldn't have been more perfect!  

Some things to keep in mind if you are traveling to Barbados.

- The weather is usually Sunny with passing clouds or rainshowers and temps ranging in the low to mid 80's

- Barbados has it's own currency, but most businesses accept both Bajan money and US.  The breakdown is approx. $1 US dollar = $2 Bajan.  

- They drive on the left in Barbados.  Many of the streets are not marked so be prepared to stop and ask directions.   

If you do book a trip to Barbados, plan on eating at least one meal at Oistin's Fish Fry.  Oistins is a small fishing village on the South Coast not far from where we stayed.  The town is famous for its open air fish market as well as it's Friday night fish fry.  Hundreds of people flock to the small town on Friday nights to sample local fresh fish dishes featuring flying fish, mahi, tuna, swordfish, lobster and more.   There is also music and some of the most amazing break dancing I have ever seen.  Totally worth the trip - but get there earlier that we did because it gets VERY crowded!

One of our favorite restaurants not to be missed is The Surfer's Bar in South Point.  The is a VERY laidback beach bar with amazing views and even more amazing food.  It's no frill, but that is the way we like it so it was a perfect spot for us! 

Another one of my favorite things about Barbados was the beautiful colors and unique details of the Bajan chattel houses.  Some of these modest chattel houses date back to the mid 1800's when plantation workers has to be able to move from plantation to plantation and take their house with them.  Newer chattel houses are more notable for their ornate details and bright colors.

Barbados has many things to offer for all different styles of travel.  You can do luxury in a big way or you can travel like we did on a budget.  Whatever works for you, Barbados has lots to offer.  

If you can't tell - we have fallen in love and will definitely be going back.  So stayed tuned for a follow up post some time in the future.